Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be eVer So sTill...

Be still and know that I am ODD

Not ordinary

Extraordinary GOD

Be in me


Please be in me

Be still and know that I am space

Not created in this hell I live in


My history


Be in me please

Please be in me

Wrap your mind around the fact that

I am here

Accept it or not

Conceptualize the notion of

Your worst fear

Open your eyes and see

Why you wanna keep me down

Lock me up

Willy Lynchin style

Lock up niggas all day

But wait till the truths displayed

Watch lies ricochet

Like bullets

Watch it burn in the foreheads of the ones

That don’t believe it

Buck-shots blasted by the ones

They never gave the credit to conceive it

They are afraid of us

They’re fuckin scared

The shits about to hit the fan

They better beware……………..

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