Thursday, July 1, 2010

love is....

What is love?

Love is hard Love is ascended light Love is deep Love is wide Love is Love fun long Love makes then run for something less than love. Love is free of light Love is radiant bright love makes one do things you never thought you might love makes you act stupid Love is courageous Love is giving

Love is hot Love is cold Love is young & old it’s the last detailed memory of a dream you told it’s the last of your grandmothers home-made oatmeal cookies you stole and it burned your tongue a little bit Love is when he’s here – but especially when he leaves, it makes you sick sometimes Love is the pits sometime Love is the shit Love is live or die Love is “I’ll be your alibi “Love is putting your freedom on the line, Divine awe inspiring Love is international Love is orgasmic, transitory, magic, engaging, amazing

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